Mobile Home Subfloor – Water Damage Repair

Repairing a mobile home subfloor. Water damage from the Masonite wicking back. The floor joists needed to be reinforced with 2bys. The floor joists were in terrible shape, but adding 2bys will give strength and reinforce the subfloor and repair the floor joists.

This job is on a mobile home, but the process would be the same for any subfloor damaged by water: commercial, home, and mobile homes.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Floor rotted out from Masonite wicking back
00:41 Putting 2 bys along the joists after cutting out the floor
02:14 Adding 2 by’s along the edge of the floor repair
03:13 Quick trick with the screws so you can keep 2by straight
05:16 Remeasure before you cut your plywood
06:20 Mark the plywood
06:58 Cut the plywood
07:50 Set your plywood
08:08 Use a hammer and 2by to protect your plywood when setting it
08:36 Even pros can be a little off in the first cut
09:10 Easy way to keep from denting you plywood
10:03 Floor with floor leveler on
10:35 Be an American not American’t

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