Mobile Home Skirting J Channel Installation

Metal skirting j-channel you want to start with the tallest corner. Always double check that you are level with the back of where your panels need to be. You want your nails to be about every 3 feet. Cut and set j-channel corner for metal skirting.

This is a simple metal skirting job, with few cuts.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Start on the tallest corner j-channel
01:19 Measure with your level after placing the j-channel
01:50 Nail J-channel down
03:30 Set next piece of j-channel
03:44 You can always make a mark in the mud once you are level
03:54 Remember when your setting the j-channel the back is where your skirting will be
04:10 Next corner with the j-channel
05:05 Always double check your measurements
05:50 Pushing down the j-channel-you cut it
06:33 Another cut to encourage it to lay where you need it
07:15 Backing up and filling the nails in for the side done
07:25 You want the nails about every 3 feet
07:58 Be an American not an American’t

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Hi, I’m Phil bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together. And so, on the first corner, which is usually where I start, I’ll try to go to the tallest corner.

I make a mark on the front where I’m going to go to, which is right there, let’s say. And I start about an inch and over on both sides. See how the center is here. And you can use a speed square and all that stuff if you want.

Then I’m going to take these snips and cut over to that center mark there, open it up a little bit more. Hold it. And then that allows me to get a corner without any interference. All right. Now this level down is going to be the backside.

So, the material will be up against this and up against that. You can do both sides of it. You can take the hammer and drive it down, like so. Now I’m going to go to that end. Need to get a nail or two. That one goes in there; I can make a mark in the mud here. This is the back. So, we’ll want the width of this is about seven eighths of an inch, so we need to be a about. This is back. You need to be about half an inch or so here.

Maybe even seven eighths. So, let’s, I got to lift it out of there anyway. A little further on this one. Fold this down. Now, you can fold this like so and double check again and make sure we’re OK back here. OK, we got to push that down on me when we just got that cut down

OK there we go. Now, get all this tied ease that there part. So, we’ll put a cut right there. That way it needs to be. All right, now, we’ll go down that side, need to put one more in the front here the probably right there, about every three feet.

Don’t need the snips anymore. And that’s it. So, we’re going to keep doing that all the way down the side.

This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts We Americans see you next time.

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