Mobile Home Metal Skirting – How To Cut Around the Mobile Home Tongue

Tough cuts, in this video we show you how to cut around the tongue of a mobile home. He covers why the metal panels have 2 different cuts on the end.

We try to cover all the various things you could run into when installing your mobile home, home, or general metal skirting.

I could have edited out the parts where he needed to restart/re-cut, but I want you to see everyone has to figure this stuff out.

00:00 Follow Along with a handyman
00:25 Securing the panels that are ready to go
00:50 You can be a little bit low, you have a 3″ front trim
01:12 2-3 Screws that way the customer can get in at any point in the skirting
01:30 Each panel is a door, just take top trim off, unscrew and you’re in
01:45 Push the panel against the back of the j-channel and slide into the front
02:32 How the lips on metal skirting panels work
04:30 Tough cut, need to cut around the tongue of the trailer
06:15 You want to get your height first
07:25 See how he uses his knee to encourage the metal to cut
10:57 Now to cut the inside of the tongue
14:20 He’s cutting it at the top of the rib so it can lap over
15:35 Trying to get it into the j-channel behind metal of the tongue
16:20 Where do they need to adjust?
17:50 And let’s try something else…
18:15 Back after cutting another panel to fit better
18:43 That’s better, a little high-you have 3″ to play with that the top-front covers
21:58 Going to want to piece the other side in
22:10 Measure again
23:20 Thinking and making sure he’s cutting like he needs to
24:00 Does it fit??
24:40 Quick, secure it lol
25:15 Add the cut piece to make it look better
25:51 Be an American not American’t

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