What’s Inside A Mobile Home Electric Furnace – Inside of Mobile Home Electric Heater

Updated 1-23-23

What’s inside a mobile home electric heater? They use the same kind of electric heaters in mobile homes and houses.

00:00 Looking inside an electric heater to see how it works
00:29 Your heat strips
01:18 Sequencers
01:54 Fan Relay
02:34 You should be able to check the fuse to make sure it’s not a problem
02:48 Electric is the most inefficient heat there is

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Hey, guys. I want to let you know that you can get a little more familiar with your heat. Electric heat in any kind of house or mobile home is probably the most, it is. No, this is the most inefficient heat that you can get. But let me show you. Since this one’s out of the house and we put in an upgrade, here’s your heat strips.

There’s four of them. One, two, three, four. If one of these breaks down, then it won’t. It won’t heat. That’s just the same as it was in 1950 as far as. Oh, I haven’t got the moth balls yet, I gotta get those. Yeah, I’ll get a bunch of them. So anyway, what you’re dealing with is wind blowing over this.

In this case, it’s actually pulling the wind through. The fan is down below and it pushes it down into your vents of your mobile home. So let’s go here on the other side. These are what you call sequencers. And this is the power going in. The sequencer kicks it in one time. Actually, this is your sequencer, these are heat limit switches that are tied to the strips and so your sequencer kicks it in one after another so you don’t have it loads.

And notice 60 amps right there, it takes to draw to run all these. You wouldn’t want all these to kick in at one time. It’d trip the breaker, because it is such a heavy load. So it does a little bit at a time. And this is a fan relay and this is your transformer to get the voltage from your thermostat to these sequencers and such.

So this is your fan. It’s a down draft fan. It pulls through and blows into your ductwork your air can have air conditioning. A coil would be sitting right there, but there is a I made it sound simple, but it’s actually, as you can tell, pretty complex. But these your heat limit if it gets too hot, these heat limits switches will not work.

And quite often these quit working by themselves. Um, one of the few things you can do is check to see, make sure your fuse is not blown. That’s something you can handle. Um, so there’s a basics of electric heat in your mobile home, for that matter. In your house. Electric heat is the most inefficient. And now you see why.

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