How To Wire Mini Split Head

The boys are wiring up one of the heads for the 3-headed mini split system they are installing.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Boss ran into town to get some supplies
00:20 Ran wires from the outside unit
00:40 Thing that took a minute to figure out
00:55 The black 5 pin doesn’t connect to anything
01:20 Connects right there
02:20 Just push it out with a screw driver
02:35 How you need to run the wire to plug it in
03:00 On the other side with the wires, you could snip them if needed
03:25 By the manual instructions
03:40 Make sure it’s hooked up the same on both sides
04:40 Make sure the electricity is OFF
05:05 The colors need to correspond to what you did out at the unit
06:45 What it looks like up close
07:10 Hooking up the 5-pin
07:35 Installing the cover

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All right, guys. So we are. Well, the boss man ran out of town to go get some stuff we needed. We ran wires from the asset unit. We’ll show you what it is outside when you to go to the attic. Your refrigerator lines come in right here on this side, and we’ll be on the same side as refrigerant lines.

On the other corner over here, it’ll be a little white tube. You push it on through, and then we’ll slide them into there and connect in there in a minute. But another thing that took us a minute to figure out that doesn’t tell you in the manual or the wiring diagram, there’s only two connectors you’re supposed to connect.

It’s this one and this one. This one. It doesn’t connect to anything this black side. And so it’s two five pens, Only connect the 2 white ones. Just the females is where we’re going to connect. So what we’re going to do when you put these in there’s a little holding clip right here, we got to pull it out of the holding clip so it’ll reach its connection because right now it’s not, not reaching it.

It reaches goes right there. Right there where that one is not. Not this four pin, the 5 pin. It’ll go here. It’s only place it will go. It won’t go anywhere else. So we’re going to do that real quick and we’ll be back. The can stay with us, while we do it. It won’t take very long to do it. Undo the screw on the left corner here and get screwed.

Yes. Push it out with a screwdriver. It gives you a lot more slack. And then we’ll screw it right back up in

So what you do is you can’t run it over here. It still has to go through this hole right here, and we’re putting it in right there. Just like that. And then this guy, you don’t have that just yet because you have to do this first.

Yeah. So what we’re going to do here and push that back, it’s a little tricky because they give you too much wires. I’m sure you can snip them or whatnot. Do what you need to do. We’ll make do with it. It does feel straining on your arm to sit here, the wires, arms in the air and whatnot, but we get it done.

So by the manual, the instructions which always go by whenever we’re installing any AC, you always do what they tell you to do, not what you think you should do. And what we’ll do is in there, they say, just hook them up, You know, whatever way. You just make sure it’s hooked up to the same on both sides.

So here what we did, we’re doing black, white, red and then green, green foreground, black, white, hot, neutral. And another hot says 220, I think it is. 240. Something like that. So we’re going to start with the black one first. Usually, I try to pull this whole wire through there and it gives you a fuss here that does not want to cooperate.

Sometimes black and then tighten those down. And don’t do this with the electricity on. Yeah, make sure your electricity is off. Get in there and tighten it down just snug. You don’t have to over tighten it. And we’ll do the next one white retune that we did so you just corresponding 1234 and five with one, two three and four and five.

That you did out there at the unit right. Yeah. But the unit this will be want this one will be our second one’s going to be one, two, three, be. Okay. We’ll show you when we got there. Maybe it may not start a second one. We’ll see. We’ll show you guys when they’re they get it in. You just hold it in and then screw it in.

And then this last green one also helps when it does because it’s the furthest away. Yeah, I got it. I got it. I do. Perfect. That’s done. And then we’ll just to show you this one here is a used that that you but we know of this on the manual or anything so we go by what they tell us to do.

That’s what they told us to do. Remember this is the not use. We’re going to put this up real quick. I’m going to go where is it going? Right here. It’ll be a specific way. You only go in one way, which should be this way. This will be the little ribs. Go on the rib side that way. Towards the blue switches here and we’ll go a little bit in them.

What will you do? That And we want to install this cover, which I’m sure you want to leave this down just to make sure. Yeah. Everything right? You want to do that when you put your cover on, you’ll take these two off, so you can get access to inside cover position. We’re going to get a screw gun or your screwdriver up in there to see how this looks off.

All right. But we’ll go outside when we try out there and we’ll show you what we’re doing outside right now. Oh.

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