How to Replace Mobile Home Tub Surround on a Budget

Updated 1-8-23

How to use a 60″ tub surround in your mobile home:

Budget Mobile Home Tub Surround Replacement. The customer needed us to do the job within a very tight budget. We used a house type tub surround, 60″, and cut it down to the 54″ needed for a mobile home tub surround.

That’s what our goal, to make the customer happy and their life better.

00:00 54″ mobile home tub surround to be replaced
00:20 Remove trim and use the same wallboard-it’s in good shape
00:55 Cleaning up, knocking off the putty tape
01:10 Can use apple cider vinegar to clean the soap scum off the walls
01:20 Cutting mobile home tub surround with a house type tub surround kit
02:20 How to adjust for the 54″ mobile home tub surround needed
02:55 Back inside to install tub surround, things we did to improve the bathroom
03:30 Using calking to attach the surround
03:45 Cutting for the faucets and spout
04:27 Showing the finished product

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In the video Phil says 54″, the tub is actually 56″. Sorry about that.

Good morning, friends. This is another 60, not a 60, a 54 inch tub that they will replace the walls to upgrade they want to keep. The faucettes we’re to closed this in, so that’s what we’re going to do today. first thing we’re going to do is take the trim off, we’re going to leave this wall board.

It’s still seems in good shape. The chips, no rotting anywhere. And the trim is put on with screws. That thing to take off. That trim goes off but keep it incase, we need to put some at the top the trim off the bottom of this, the knobs

Right now, we’re cleaning up. James is knocking out all the puty tape in the corners and around the edges, and then he’s going to we’re going to use some apple cider vinegar. Just happen to have some here, and we’re going to wipe down the walls because there’s a lot of soap and shampoo film.

So use what you want to, but you need to get that clean. OK, this is a very inexpensive kit. In this case, it’s not a one piece like we’ve seen before. But this actually has two sides and then one back and then two other pieces for the end.

So that is a total of five pieces. Now this is set up for a regular tub, which is 60 inches now I measured to make sure the back wall was 54. It is 54 1/8th so. Now on this particular set up is to lap over.

And if you notice it’s raised up right here, so they lay over top of that flat sheet over there. So what I’m doing is I measure of over here to where that lap is, and it’s like a 11 1/4, maybe even eleven and a half, I say eleven and a half.

So if you have two sides that have eleven and a half before that one piece goes in, that’s 23 inches. 23 from 54 is 31. So because it’s a 54 inch tub, not a sixty inch tub, you’ve got to cut four inches, four inches off of this to fit properly.

So that means you can take a house-type tub surround and in this case, make it fit. So follow your instructions. And that’s what we’re going to do. Next is we’re going to cut this piece four inches shorter and then we’re going to go inside and install in this budget set up.

What we’ve done is find some wood to fasten the plywood on, also put some insulation in there to keep it from showing the light and have it not bring heat inside, to make things better. But if you notice I put some screws to try to get the paneling, which is pretty bad shape but I still want to do a good job. And we’re putting the caulking in to adhese to the tub-surround that we’ve cut down. Remember, we cut that 35 inch down to 31 because this is a smaller tub. OK, what we did inside was it measured from the wall, the back wall to the center of each of the hot and cold faucette.

And then the spout found the center’s from overs and then measured the ups. And then I got it a drill that size enough big enough for those to go through the bit that size and another one for the drain in this case was bigger sometimes they’re the same.

Now you see the finished product. Of course, all the tedious, the work of sealing everything, that’s what Tracy is up to and but it’s so much better than it was. And we are doing what the customer wants, which is the key to customer happiness. You do what they want you to do as long as it’s within reason.

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