How To Repair A Patch On Metal Roof

Here we are, patching a patch that someone else messed up. The best fix for this roof would be a new metal roof. That is what we told the customer.

This is a rental property, so they chose to just have us re-patch it. This IS NOT what you should do at home or with your rentals. Again, we are trying to fix this the best way we can and stay with in the budget the customer gave us.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 What it looks like inside the trailer
01:16 John’s story
02:00 Up digging up a patch, someone else screwed up
02:45 They just sealed it up with caulking
03:25 No screws holding the metal
04:30 We will recommend a metal roof, but the customer chooses not to
05:00 Phil is giving that they might not have known better
05:50 You don’t need a massive glob of calking to cover a screw
06:40 This is where there was a skylight, or that’s what we were told
08:00 Why we are doing the videos
10:55 Caulked at least 3 times
11:20 And the metal has rusted out
12:35 We have patched the whole with 20″ flashing
13:45 Not our style, but what the customer wanted
16:30 This is way better than it was
17:30 We put screws about every six inches
18:10 Just cover the edges with metal roof tar
18:50 Smooth on the edges, but you want to pack it into the area
22:25 Patch will cause a roof rumble
23:00 We will not guarantee this patch of a patch
23:33 Be an American not American’t

Hi, I’m Phil Bridges, owner of Straight Arrow Repair. Ever want to know how a repairman fixes things? Well come with me, and I’ll show you how I solve problems. Let’s make things better together.

Hi, have you caught me looking up there’s a roof leak here. So, this is uh evidence of that the sink was clogged up so the roof leaked down here throughout of that. I guess uh then we got you know all this area here it’s all damaged the repair that we’re going to do is over here. I don’t know why this is leaking like it is. Maybe it’s just running over here on top of the plastic that they run through there. But we’re going to go up there and fix it. So, eventually we’ll have to fix all the drywall in here too. Or somebody will.

This is what we do. See you.

Was that downhill?

“I was coming down a big ole hill. I had 2 jugs of water on the handle bars just hauling ass. I was racing everybody. We got down there and I crossed the finish line and I thought YEAH wham-balm-balammadam. My sister come over flung them needles and shake like that. When she got done I said pour some alcohol on that and now let’s go. Poured alcohol on it and she was like don’t that hurt. I said alcohol don’t hurt when it’s fresh. She got hurt couple weeks later poured alcohol on it… WAHHA. My sister can’t be told.”

Hey, let me have a hammer or something to dig this loose stuff off.

“You want a hammer.”

Hey, we don’t always have that much fun. We just go through all the whole bunch of trash in the third trailer load out of this house and we’ve got poorly another and we tear up the floor but there’s a big roof leak and I’ll show you the result when we get up here. We’re going to seal this up. But this is so bad, take a look at some of these cracks.

“Where you want that hammer? Right in front of you?”

Yeah, so they just sealed out with caulking.

“Sealed that up with caulking, ha ha ha.”


That’s why I don’t like caulking because it shrinks. It does this kind of thing, moves around.

“I don’t think you’ve got enough tar.”

I don’t know if I do. we got two gallons.

“Hey Phil, caulking is $2 and tar is $5.”

I guess. Silicone is $8 a tube, now. They got no screws holding this metal.

“No, they got one screw there.”

They got one screw, ok. One screw. I’m going to need a quarter inch bit and some roofing screws there’s some in. Some in the truck somewhere.


I need some roofing screws, quarter inch bit and a scerw gun. Yeah, I know. They were trying. They just didn’t know the results would be this bad, but maybe they weren’t around whenever they came this bad. But that kind of movement. Is not going to. Allow anything to stay together. I’m going to recommend they put a metal roof on this, but they haven’t listened to my recommendations, at all. The owners.

These are not, where they live. This is their rentals. And they got all these people, that tell them that they did a good job, and didn’t. But you know, I don’t want to be mean about, you know, oh I know everything. It’s just people don’t know any better. And I’ll give it that. I’m not saying they’re bad people. There are bad people. They may not have known any better. That was holding. A big old glob of whatever on these screws. Just the screws, is the only thing that they were covering. Might need a broom too, John.


I might need a broom too I think there should be…

“A broom?”

Yeah. That’s all loose. So guess there was a skylight here. And this is how they fixed it. I don’t know for a fact. I was told that. Wooh.

Um, I mean there was probably a time when I first started. I didn’t know any better either. So, I’m not going to. And this is why I’m doing these videos is not only for the people in this area to get to know that. I know a little bit about this, or a lot. It’s so that you can learn. From what I’ve learned, nobody teh… I don’t… I did have some people teach me some things. Believ me, the thigs that they taught me I’ve learned a lot since then. And I love those people.

They were nice to me. Loved me, some of them. Family even. They just don’t know what I know from experience. So I’m teaching you what you can do. I don’t think so. I can look there’s another bag underneath there too. Brown looking. I think. Get all this loose stuff off. This is cracking.

This is not, not a good idea. It’s been caulked at least three times Tared a few times. Woah, that’s not good. The metal is so, been leaking so long that it’s rusted out right there. So that’s been collecting… It’s a hole. It’s all rusted out, at least right there. We may have to run and go get some flashing or something because this is. Either that, or I can take all the screws out slide down.

“Then you might have a hole up here.”

Is there?

“Well if you slide down you might get a hole.”

There will definitely be holes where the screws are. It’s rusted out right here. The bottom of the metal.

“You get to show them?”

It’s a heavy duty, piece of steel. This is kind of you putting a bed at your trailer.

“I was going to say you get pictures of that before you put that over?”


“Well, not pictures, but…”

I put my hands up inside of it. All rotted out through there. We had to cut the screws off and then fold, get this a 20 inch flashing and we folded it into the gutter. We’ll fasten that. We put it up underneath here about three inches should cover all those holes that were rotted out right here.

Um, being’s it’s on a slope… Oh, this quarter inch bit ain’t going to work or not very well you gotta be careful not strip this out. Oh, this is really not my style. I would recommend not to do this at home.

“But this is a job somebody already messed up.”

But that’s these people as a rule, they don’t listen to what I have to say.

You going to fall off? Which is good. There’s not much there. All rusted out.

“How did you… I’m like how did you rip the flashing that easy?”

I don’t know.

“Going to be better than it was.”

Way better.

“There’s a real solution. This is called putting a metal roof on.”

Yes. Non magnetic tip. See if you can find me some more screws, John.

You can’t. They’re just six inches. These are roofing screws. They have gaskets on them, rubber gaskets and it’s just a temporary thing. And far as I’m concerned, if you do it right, you’re going to not do it this way. If you guys watch this channel very much, you’ll have seen me do metal roofing. And that’s what I suggest for the situation. But I don’t think they’ll listen to me.

They want me just fix it. So here we go. I’m going to patch this now. So I got this where, I’m going to put the gloves on because I’m likely to get it on me. This is a stuff you get at Lowe’s. I think they’re fasing this out to get another brands. Their brand, but anyways it’s a plastic roof cement or rubberized roof patch.

This is a cheapy finishing knife in the drywall area actually get a three pack for 3.68 trying to make it smooth on the edges, so it won’t collect. You also want to pack it in.

All right, so for as long as this will last the wind is going to flop this roof around. A lot of times you see people throw a tires up on the roof to keep it from making the roof rattle when they call a roof rumble actually made a long time ago they made some what they call roof rumble buttons and they were screwing through the roof into the rafters and that was stop all the rumble but guess what that metal that you put screws into there or those rumble ones would rip and tear every direction.

So I don’t like guaranteeing any patch. And this is not my patch. This is me patching somebody else’s patch.

When you got onto a roof like this, unless you do it the way I do it, which is fastened one bys or two bys to the roof and then put a metal roof on it with insulation. If you don’t, they’ll sweat. You’ll run down to the screws and leak anyway. So I think I’ve showed several videos here that here I am patching up with somebody else did. Hopefully my reputation doesn’t get marred because the thing leaks three or four years from now, two years from one year from now.

This is Phil Bridges, if you like what you saw and think it might be helpful to somebody else, push that like button and let other people know what you and I know, and we’ll work together toward making a brighter future. By the way, we’re not Amera-Can’ts we’re Americans. See you next time.

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