How to Make Metal Skirting Access Panel Mobile Home

Phil shows you how to create a metal skirting access panel. You never know when you need easy access to the water.

Then he shows more on installing top-front trim for metal skirting. For all of you who are wondering if you can do this, hang around to the end.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Want access to the water
00:45 Put both sides of the panel on top of the others, instead of one under
01:10 Want top front to be over all the skirting and side pieces
02:19 All they have to do is take out 2 screws and get to water shut-off
02:30 Installing Top Front
03:54 You Can do this
04:04 A 55-year-old woman called about doing her skirting
04:15 Be an American not American’t

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