How to Install J-channel For Metal Skirting on Mobile Home

Installing metal skirting, we had to clean up the block they tried in place of metal skirting on the mobile home. The vinyl skirting had broken down. They put blocks in place.

This video shows how to install the j-channel for your metal skirting. You also see some of the interesting things you can run into while trying to get the skirting in and even.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Cleaned up the homemade skirting
00:45 Pictures of before
01:13 Laying out your J-channel
01:34 J-channel corners first
04:10 Starting J-channel
04:29 Type of nails you need
05:01 The level goes on the backside of the mobile home
05:14 Want to measure both sides of the corner
05:35 How to get the J-channel to jog down
08:33 Trying to cut where they can get around an anchor strap in a weird place
10:30 You can always see something new even after 30 years of skirting work
11:57 Trying to get the j-channel done with the dips and about to get rained out
12:20 Lap over the J-channel
14:42 You can cut the J-channel so it will jog with the ground
16:30 Need to break a block that is in the way
17:34 Back after the block
18:30 Need to get the J-channel around the pier
20:16 Be an American not American’t

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