How to Find Free Fencing Panels

We show you how to locate fence panels for free to use in your projects. These are going to my chicken coops, but you could use them for any wood project.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Why we’re out on a cold Saturday morning
00:35 Each panel is between $50-60 in materials
00:50 True recyceling
00:58 After we have the trailer loaded up
01:30 Approximate value of the materials
01:55 Your best bet
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So, here we are on a very cold morning, for us. It’s like 26 with 10-15 mile an hour winds. Reason we’re doing that is a fencing company is giving away the old panels so they don’t have to haul them off or pay to haul them off. So your projects like in this case, a chicken coop or even a fence, you just cut the bottom off. You can do that yourself for very, very little cost.

Each one of these panels is somewhere near $50-60, for the new materials and then you still got to put it together. So hopefully, you had the time, the energy and the way to go out there and do that. But the opportunities are always there. Instead of this going into the dump, true recycling is reusing it, and that’s what we’re doing. See ya.

All right, this is after we loaded it. Both of those, sorry, I was supposed to do it while we were there, but I had to catch my breath and there is my gorgeous husband, and this is enough panels for us to be able to do either nine completely separate coops or ten I mean five double coops, which will be ten coops. It’ll depend on what he decides to do.

So with the materials that we picked up, it’s 37 panels it’s $1850 in materials that you would have to gather and take to your home and put together. So we are picking them up and taking them home and they are aged, but they cost us the time, the fuel, maybe the wear and tear on the truck, if you want to get down to brass tacks. So your best bet is to look around, call a fence company.

See if they have a time when they have some out there. Maybe you can check yourself after you’ve develop a relationship to get them for free. Go get them. Build things with it, run it through a table saw have one by twos and so on and so on. You can build anti-quey looking frames for neat little sayings. All these things are craftwork.

Mix some, a little rusty barbed wire, do some neat things. All that material is free and they’re trying to get rid of it because they don’t have time for that. They make money as a fence building company. So I wish you guys well, and hope you find all kinds of opportunities like that. See you later.

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