How to Fasten Metal Ductwork Under A Mobile Home

The guys are re-securing ductwork in the underbelly of a mobile home. Metal skirting was open so animals could reach and dig into the insulation. The weight of animals has pulled down the ductwork. Phil takes a metal strap to strap the ductwork to the floor joists.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 Need to cut mesh and clear your way to the duct work
01:35 Why your ductwork could be down
01:57 How they hold the ductwork up
02:15 Foam Ductwork
02:41 Ductwork is pulled off of the plenum
03:00 Want to bend the tabs for the plenum
04:29 Metal strap to hold the ductwork up, screw to the floor joists
06:52 Will the third screw be the charmed one?
07:45 Inside remove the grate
08:26 Plenum tabs inside
09:12 Be an American not American’t

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