How to Do Drywall Bed Coat

Phil and John walk you through exactly how to do drywall bed coat. They show the butt joints and how to use different drywall knives and why you would use them.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:10 You have 3 different coats with finishing drywall
00:41 After Tape Coat you have the bed coat
00:51 First thing you want to do is take knife and knock off things
01:25 Close-up with 6″ drywall knife
01:50 For the middle tilt you knife up
02:14 Butt joint bed coat
03:30 You can do the butts and angles one side then come back after it dries
03:46 Putting bed coat on with a 10″ drywall knife
04:11 Be an American not American’t

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