How to Cut A Corner for Metal Skirting From Metal Panel

If you or the customer is on a budget, you may need to cut a corner with your metal instead of using rake and corner trim. This video walks you through step-by-step how to cut a corner with metal skirting panels.

Once you put the top-front trim it will look good.

00:00 Follow Along with a handyman
00:25 Back at it to complete metal skirting and trim
00:46 When you’re on a budget, may not be able to get rake and corners
01:00 You can make your corners by bending the metal
01:13 Take your measurements and mark your metal
02:48 Good thing he forgot that he was cutting the bottom off-and proof he’s not perfect
04:03 Cut the bottom of your metal sheet
04:50 Bend it on the corner
05:08 Slip your metal inside the J-channel
05:35 Want to use 1.5″ screws
05:58 If you’re worried that you didn’t get it level you can check before you secure the metal
06:18 Be an American not an American’t

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