How To Adjust And Keep Roof Square #Shorts

All right now, we’ve got a metal coming from there to here. You can’t always count on the framing on the sofit and fascia or the roofing to be square.

So you want to try to catch it as you go along. Hey, I’m running out of square. You want to squeeze the top in to get the bottom swing around or squeeze the top? You know, you can do squeeze the top in, lapping it over a little bit more and pull on this side and you’ll gain an eighth inch there, an eighth inch down here or even sometimes as much as a quarter.

It’s a lot you do a quarter. I’d recommend just do it an eighth at a time so you can get more square as you notice it. That’s if you’re not doing rake and corner on the fake. On the face of it, in this case, we’re not. If you’re doing rake and corner then you can get square to begin with.

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