How Much Should I Pay For Drywall Installation – Why you Don’t want to pay less

The house they are estimating and talking about is 44,000 square foot house. They talk about how the companies that estimate will cost more because they have to make their profit.

Then give you several reasons why you DON’T want to cheap out on your drywall. The house this was done in, they were going back and fixing stuff that another contractor screwed up.

00:00 Follow along with a handyman
00:25 What price you should expect at minimum for a house that size
00:49 Right now for labor on the low side… No complexity drywall is .60 square foot
01:15 Lowest cost you can expect for just the labor
01:33 Going through material costs-currently
02:10 Total cost of materials, not counting corner bead
02:37 Vaulted ceilings you need to expect extra cost
03:00 Figure labor for corner bead is usually $1 stick
03:10 They go through all the reasons you DON’T want to pay less than that
03:50 Just to hang this house you can expect $10 sheet
04:00 Talking about possible problems, and costs you could run into
09:25 Be an American not American’t

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