Hoarders Clean Up Unusual Find

Here’s another cool find in that hoarder’s house. An interesting doorstop

00:00 Intro
00:12 Unusual door stop
00:45 Knives, 22 shells
02:20 We’ll have to soak the knives in oil
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Found an unusual doorstop right here. Nut driver, haircutting scissors, thinners, Buck pocket knife.

“Is that a Buck?”

Yeah, it says Buck on it.

“That was a good knife, at one time.”

I don’t think I’ll use the.

“That won’t even open.”

Here pull that out. 22 shells.

“I had that one out onec.”

22 shells.

“Another little knife. That’s just like the one I gave you yesterday.”

I think that’s for a fishing, isn’t it? Pulling a hook?

“I don’t have no idea. What do we got here? This is a skull knife.”

You got a 22.

“More boxes of shell.”

Ump, there went that one. Something.

“Pair of plyers, they ain’t no good, are they? Here’s another pocket knife. I can’t tell what the name of it is.”

Another buck.

“There was a good knife at one time.”

Old timer.


Case. Ya, I might keep that.

“Don’t know what kind of knife that is.”

A bunch of 22s.

“Another the Case.”

We’ll have to soak them in oil.

“Think it would work?”


“I don’t know what that is two, four, six, eight, ten, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20 knives.”

They were using for a doorstop.

“And a Walmart gift card.”

It’s hugs and kisses.

“Hugs and kisses. You want to throw this back in there or what?”

Yeah, I put them all down. We’ll get to shells of them. Look at him just throwing them 22 shells away right now. Put the knives in and separate your 22s. Just what you might find if you’re looking.

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