Hoarders Clean Up Outside Sheds

We had to go in and clean up a horders house. This is the outside sheds, or at least the start of it. We are going through trying to find things that we can use. That way we don’t completely lose our butts on the job.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Shed 1 OMG
00:40 The porch
01:50 Nasty cooler
04:15 Nope, not dinner
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“You let me know if you see anything of value in here? Because I don’t.”

“All right. Not as clean. And I just said, oh, you know.”

That’s how you block it. Maybe.


Keep the cats from coming in. Put that in, just the tip.

“A recommendation not to do?”

Probably shouldn’t do that, probably shouldn’t. Hey, see if you can untie this.

“You know inside there’s plenty of Gatorade, unopened. Gatorade.”

Oh, really?

“You mean you would use that? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t trust my life on that. Here.”

You can clean that.

“See, I knew you would say that.”

You need to untie that.

“This? What better can a one-handed man do?”

“Welcome. Welcome, home.”


“There was two lighters.”

Both wooden? Were they both wooden? That might be worth keeping. I guess we’ll know who.

“Find dinner over there?”

I might find it here in a minute when I throw up.

“Brand new, just bought.”

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