Hoarders Clean Up Made It Inside

I skipped some video. We have made into the house of horrors.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Getting started on the house, took almost 2 dumpsters for the outside
00:49 Shame they left anything good at all
01:20 Mail box full of crap
01:45 Baking stuff in a mailbox??
02:10 Take the door off so it doesn’t get broken
02:20 Kitchen Aide mixer, very expensive
02:45 Phil in silly hat, I’ll add a link to the page with all the pictures of him with crazy hats
02:57 Follow us

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I’m ready to start on this house. It took a dumpster, almost two dumpsters, to clear out the yard and the two portable buildings. And here we go. Lots of good humor, but two things we’ll show you that we found which it’s a shame that if there was anything any good at all left behind because… For some reason, we got a lot of hydrogen peroxide.

This is like seventh, eighth bottle. So. Thought it was just a mailbox. But no, it’s a mailbox with cups and such. For some reason, it has…

How bout a small rolling pin? Nope, it’s just a heavy mailbox that’s broken. It could probably be fixed, but I don’t have a motive, so. I want to take this door, this outside door off, because it’ll have a tendency to get broken, and it’s in good shape. Just need to fix a wood around it. This is a KitchenAid. This is quite expensive. You want to grab that, needs—it’s dirty, but it’s very expensive.

And this goes, and that goes too.

“All righty.”

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