Hoarders Clean Up Day 4

We’re fourth day and seven dumpsters full.

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00:12 Day 4 Dumpster 7
01:15 What they have left
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Day four, dumpster seven still dragging it out. Let me show you what we’ve got done with that. He left the living room, cleaned out. Still looks like a terrorist blew up in here. But master bedroom. Smells like chemicals, but it’s cleaned out. Maybe she can show you some before pictures. Here we are going down the hallway. We need to get some light. Hey, will you grab this?

So back there is where you might show how much we got to do. So pretty good sized room. It’s about six foot high. That’s the bathroom. And here’s one. We started on this bedroom.

“The bed took up most of it.”

We’re making it. So here we go. We’re going to do it again. This is see if we can fill up another dumpster before noon. See you.

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