Hoarders Clean Up Cool Find

Here’s another cool find in that hoarder’s house. Change, and lots of it.

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00:12 Found inside another tin
00:50 Another find
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All right. So in a tin, which was inside of another tin bigger than it, $1 pieces pennies.

“One dollar. That ain’t nothing but a quarter.”

That looks kind of like an old nickle down there.


Then Ty, he found. What was it in, Ty?

“It was like a coin jar.”

A coin jar?

“You know, if I save my money up…”

Two, $2 bills and then a bunch of $1 pieces.

“I found the two dollar bills.”

I got like 6, 7 two dollar bills at home.”

“You know much those $1 pieces go for?

”Those two up. those two $2 bills was in a Ziploc bag.”

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