Hoarder House Clean Up After

The guys are finally done cleaning the hoarder’s house out. Tired, but they got it done.

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00:22 Here’s the after 6 dumpsters of trash moved out
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This is the after, but not the before the. So we went through the kitchen. We went into this room which was quite full, cleaning it all out, it has some issues. The floor was bad and places. We went through the kitchen and through the living room. Down the hallway. Through that room. There’s another something we got to take out of here. There’s stuff right here.

“That’s okay. Yeah.”

Bathroom cleaned out. And that room, which was probably the tallest. It was probably this high, cleared it all out and cleared all the outside off, took off the ramps and tomorrow we’ll move the portable buildings and that’ll be the end of it, until such time as they decide what they’re going to do with the home itself.

The owner. It was a journey, and we’re all tired, but just like you eat an elephant, you just work at it. A bite at a time. And that’s what we did. We worked out until we got it. And so can you. That’s the lesson. See you.

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