Chicken Coop Build Ideas Trimming the Walls

Here’s day two of us building a new coop for @ChickensForChicks chicken village. We have videos of the after, but wanted to take everyone along with the build. You can follow along and build your own coop.

Getting the walls ready for the roof

00:00 Intro
00:12 The coop after we built most of the wall from fence panels
00:45 Adjusting for the terrain
01:05 Why we want to run the roof like we are, can you say monsoons?
01:35 How he’s going to get the angle
02:10 If you don’t have a chalk box
03:35 Cutting the front
03:54 We’ll do the same on both sides and the back
04:20 Wood across the top every 16-20″
04:45 Chickens have been around without humans for a LONG time
05:00 Goal is to increase their ability to survive and thrive
05:28 Follow us

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Okay. This is the coop after we’ve added the panel or added what boards we’ve got. Then you got around here. I got to be careful, cause there’s like. It is definitely a concern. Construction zone. But we’ll have to fill in that whole corner. And then there’s pieces.

Well, all this terrain is not flat, so it’s uphill there, and it comes to here. So I don’t really want the rain, the rain to run that way because then it would just come back into the coop. I don’t want it to run this way because it would rot out the front that I’m gonna put a ball front on it.

So I want to run it, either that direction or maybe both directions. Cause I want a gap in between the two. That she can get in through the sides. So I will say I want to the highest point will be here and the lowest point would be down here.

“So, you’ll be cat net off and angling it?”

Right, now I can use a tool that most guys have which is a chalkbox, but if you don’t have a chalkbox, just use a board. If you’ve got a long sort of straight board and a pencil, here’s my board, sort of straight board, I can screw it there, but in this case I can hold it. But if you were less reach situation, then you would want to screw it in place and then mark it.

Now I’ve made those marks, now I need to cut it and then I need to take it and do the same thing on the other side. It’s got a nail sticking out.

So we get an idea what the peak will be. I’ll do the same on the other side and I’ll put a… Cut this all off. So I’ll mark another line, driving the nails down, cut this off topless and it’s not straight kind of goes bold and then I’ll take it uphill to the other and then back down to the other end.

And then I’ll put wood every 16 to 24 inches in between this one and that one. That gives me something to put the tin, whether it’s a metal roofing or just galvanized tin that you find that old galvanized tin. It gives them some way to get out of the snow. And we keep in mind all these chickens existed before actual people had feet to give them.

So they. they were around a thousand years ago or.

“More than that millennium.”

So they can survive without this. We’re just trying to increase their ability to survive against the elements and the owls, the hawks, the foxes, the dogs, the.

“Everything like chicken.”

So everybody likes chicken, not necessarily fried, but they’re like, we’re trying to increase their odds of survival and hopefully you can pick up and do the same thing. Ta da.

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