Chicken Coop Build Ideas Putting Together Second One

Here’s day two of us building a new coop for @ChickensForChicks chicken village. We have videos of the after, but wanted to take everyone along with the build. You can follow along and build your own coop.

We’re starting the second coop, and he’s building one of the sides because we ran out of fence panels.

00:00 Intro
00:12 We moved the 3 sides in
00:27 Connecting inside the coop
01:05 He forgot his pouches
01:15 Random info-Save tuna cans to use as oyster shell holders
02:30 Adjusting the back of the second coop-small run
02:50 We aren’t taking the nails out, saving time and keeping it in a budget
03:40 Using wood leftover from moving a portable building
04:10 Hoarders Playlist
04:25 Try not to do anything complex. Want this to be something you can do with just a few tools
05:00 You may need help to move the panels around.
06:00 You could take all the panels apart and make it fancy, but that’s a lot of work and time
07:20 When you get the fence panels they have, you agree to take everything.
07:55 Adding the extra fence boards we have
08:15 You can hear in the background my female Guinea fowl
08:30 How to tell the difference in sound between boy/girl guineas
09:30 My female does not like all the construction sounds
11:20 Follow us

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“All right. That’s what I had to break away to do is to get a board so we can brace it up. And then he moved this. Here’s the three pieces of my second coop. Okay, we’re putting these two pieces together.”

I’ll probably have to add some wood because they don’t line up.

“I think you’ve had to add wood on all of them now, haven’t you? To make sure.”

Let me see if I can push the bottom of it over a little bit.

“All right.”

It might let me.

“There you go. Power by Armstrong.”

I don’t have poucches on.

“I know. That’s kind of weird. You usually do, but he had to come save me for my chicken house. I was screwing in tuna cans into Dizzy’s coop, and I got locked in. Again.”

Did you tell them what you’re doing it for?

“Oh, yeah. I was screwing, and I’ll do a video of this for my channel. I’m taking tuna cans and taking a hammer and nail, making some holes in the bottom. So that the water will go through. And I’m putting the girl’s egg shells in that because the stupid chickens will not leave the egg shells alone. When I’ve tried other stuff. So I read about it online and I thought, well, I like tuna. I’ll just eat me some tuna. I guess I could do a video. I of me doing that too, huh? Trying to make it even. Wow. They ain’t going to have much of a run are they? And to that, we go up a little bit. Okay.”

Three foot, four.

“I’m just saying these ain’t going to have much of a run.”


“That’s okay. They got a big, huge coop. I mean, huge.”

You notice a lot of nails out.

Believe it or, not my dad taught me to take the nails out. And straighten them and then put them in oil and then put them in a can all straightened. After. But, uh, you may not have the ability to do that. Take the time. And certainly the chickens don’t care. So this was some leftover wood from a portable building that we took apart.

“And got paid to take part.”

It was pretty bad, but there were some good wood in it.

“That was the hoarders house, wasn’t it?”


“Yeah. So he earned it. If you haven’t seen the Hoarders video, I’ll leave a link.”

Try not to do anything complex that somebody with just a few tools can’t do.

“Yeah, you can even do this without the screw gun. It’d be hard, but you could.”

You could do it with nails and a hammer.

“Yeah. Now, I’m going to tell you, if you’re a woman or small guy, you’re going to want to have help to move these fence panels around because they’re heavy. Really heavy.”

That or be very determined.

“Yeah. I don’t know that there is a limit to determination, dear. Although he did use a our dolly to move the fence panels, I think it was probably harder to use the dolly though. But he used a dolly, mainly because I couldn’t carry my part.”

“So, you got to have a third board up there?”


“So you could do this, too. If you don’t have a enough fence paneling, you can actually build up extra panel or take it apart if you really want it. Fancy. Although I don’t recommend it, I don’t know. What would you say? Should they take it apart?”

Take what apart?

“The fence.”

Well, a lot of these were already apart.

“Yet now, I mean, like all the boards of apart and…”

Like I say, a lot of them were already falling apart. So they they were having to replace for that reason. So they took a chainsaw and cut it up to the post off with the ground and took a hammer and drove off some of the panels so they could get through. And you you end up with a few of them that don’t have, they’ve been hammered off of the 2x4s. A mishmash of stuff. They have you agree to take everything so you got to take everything.

“And those are the extra fence panels that we had that we had knocked off or fence boards.’

Want to go in and get the hammer?


“I guess I should probably go the other way cause the sun is like on the camera. Oh, barbwire. You can hear Jenny having a coronary.”

Want to tell them the difference between the two?

“Yeah. Oh, yeah. If you listen to Jenny, you hear that in the background, the two sounds. That’s the female guinea.”

That’s the female.

“The boy goes keet, keet, keet. Is the one syllable. And it’s hard to describe other than that. And that would be somebody getting busy. Oh, well, he stopped. Jack was doing it in the background, but Jack always worries about alarming when Phil’s home because Phil tends to grab him and he is not impressed.”

No, he don’t like being held.

“No. No. Okay. That’s Jenny.”

Ta-tat, ta-tat, ta-tat.

“But now Jenny again. I guess Jack’s kind of used to it. I think Jenny sometimes is just really impressed with herself that she can scream.”

It don’t look like we’re going to have enough.

“Yeah, I don’t either, but we’re trying. We can’t leave huge gaping holes.”

Mm hmm.

“I don’t hear Jack at all. Yeah, they were all really impressed when I screwed the tuna cans to the different coops. Everybody was screaming. It’s got to be close, though, isn’t it, babe?”

I don’t know. I don’t think so.

It was like the battery’s going the.

“Yeah, sounds like it to. All right. We’re not that far. Losing daylight. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We have an extra?”

Extra batteries in the bag.


You can cut away.

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