Chicken Coop Build Ideas Day Two

Here’s day two of us building a new coop for @ChickensForChicks chicken village. We have videos of the after, but wanted to take everyone along with the build. You can follow along and build your own coop.

00:00 Intro
00:12 We’re back, more sun better day
00:25 How to get the two bys to line up
00:47 Here’s exactly how we do that
01:10 Impact drivers are cool
01:35 We’re building solid chicken coops… pretty much tanks
01:45 All 4 corners are fastened up
02:05 How do you get into the coops?
03:05 Plans to make a double coop
03:48 We hammer down the nails so you can get the panels secured
04:25 This is a budget build so anyone can do this

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Back to a better day, so it’s not raining and it’s not dark. We started putting these together. You want to come over here?


So there was these two didn’t line up because it was five different heights on a hillside or something. So I put a smaller piece of wood down here, put screws in it so that I could fasten this side to that side.

Same with here. And down there, I just put little pieces of wood. As a matter of fact, The, uh. This was a scrap piece of post that we used on another one. What I can do, is fumbel around on camera.

“Hey, that’s screw gun sucks. He ain’t lying when he tells you that a metallic tip makes you look like the boss.”

An impact driver does.

“An impact driver okay. Oh, I guess I better get down where you’re doing it.”

And I can add more wood later.

“And he usually does, cause I’m a little bit freaky about my chicken. I want tanks. I don’t want nothing move in and nothing getting in.”

So all four corners are all fastened up, I added wood where I needed to get it connected. Then I can just put in extra pieces of.


Fencing material that I’ve got for free. Just had the effort to go get it and I made a box. How do you get in there? Well, I’ll put a I’ll show you when I get the hinges I find the, an opening the side where I want to cut the bottom and the top, put a hinge over that opening right there and then I cut through the board to go through like that.

And then I cut across, and I cut through, say right there, so that the door can be open then it already has hinges on it. But I put the hinges on first, then I cut it. So the hinge will be above here and down here on that crease that same between two. I put the hinges in, and then whenever I cut that on both sides and the bottom and top, it just opens up.

All I got to do is put a latch, so that’ll be to get into the back area. And this case, I’ve got plans to put two of them together so this coop will be here and another coop will be there. And there’ll be fencing to separate the two.

“It’ll be like the red barn.”

Right, and or the…

“And Typsy Chicken, Tipsy Chick. You can see it just right at the corner. The blue. He is calling himself a donkey when he was moving those fences, which by the way, he did by herself. Cause I’m worthless when it comes to that.”

So I got to get a hammer and hammer down the nails. I mean, I could get a sawzall and clear it all off. I’ll take these all apart, put them back together. All the nails pulled out, but that wouldn’t be a budget doing this. So anybody can do this.

“Not only that, I’m way too impatient, and fill my chicken house is way too fast. There ain’t no time for that. I already got a set of birds. You need me to hold that?”

Yeah. That’d be cool.

“I already got a set of birds need to go in one of these coops, Appenzeller, because they’re through their quarantine program. Okay. Right there?”

Some where in there.

“Yeah. I’m a really cruddy helper. Okay. Hm. Well, okay. Can I step around the corner so I can see you? Okay. Remember, don’t tip this out too far, cause we’re on our measurement. Okay.”

Brand new and bent. You can let go.

“Okay, are you sure. Okay? I got it again. Yeah, it’s kind of stay in it by itself. I still want to hold it. Hi, baby, so that’ll end up being the side. And that’s one we’re short one one fence panel to make the two. He does double coops because like I said, I fill them up quick. And there are not really plans for these. He just kind of puts them together. But I’m going to have him draw some plans so you could make your own little Wild West Town.”


“Chickendale? I like that. Chickens for Chick at Chickendale. He’s named almost all the buildings, by the way. Now I decide to go over here after he’s already done it. Okay. Do we want to cut away?”

No, we’ve got to move this over a little bit.

“Okay. Ya, I was going to I say, don’t get too far. Do you want me to hold it?”

Grab that board we had or prop it up.

“Oh, okay. Hold on. I’m going to cut away.”

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