Chicken Coop Build Ideas Day One

Here’s day one of us building a new coop for @ChickensForChicks chicken village. We have videos of the after, but wanted to take everyone along with the build. You can follow along and build your own coop.

00:00 Here’s what we start with
00:23 Intro
00:35 Got the panels loaded with a little help from our son
00:51 First fence panel where we want the coop to be
01:05 Easy way to hold the panel up
01:15 Setting the next panel up
02:10 Put the 2 two bys together
02:30 If the two bys aren’t lining up
02:57 Using 3″ screws for the two bys
03:30 This is the beginning, we’re going to run out of daylight
03:40 Update… We kept going after it was too dark to film.
04:15 Follow us

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Fence panels, that people throw away because and gave away for free. So we wanted to show you what we’ve been doing with them. So we’re going to load them onto truck since we brought them here. Those are all the posts in the privacy fence. And we’re going to turn them into something that makes Christina smile. So see in a bit.

“This is all the fence paneling loaded up. We had a helper load it up with us. So I’ll continue back later.

Now we have the first panel where we want the front of the house or the coop to be. And I’m going to slide it back a little bit. But in the meantime, because I’ve got to have a porch on it. But in the meantime, if you want to do something while you’re waiting and you don’t want the panel to fall over, or you have to lift it up again.

Use a board to prop it up. Up against that. There you go.

Pull it, but you can, uh use three inch screws.

“I’m going to move here.”

And where the two by fours meet, is where you put them together. Just missed.

“You need me to hold that?”

Ah, had to do this without you.

“That’s true, but it’s so much easier when you’ve got a helper.”

It is.

“So do we need to move it?”

So, get the 2 two bys together. But if you don’t have them where they’re together, what you do is you put a scrap two by on the other side.

See how they’re not really lining up good there. So what you would do, this is kind of short, but it will work. You put a piece right there and then I’ll have other panels that we can take off replace this section that it’s nothing there.

“Do you find me, Flash?”

So those are two bys are held by screws over here. So, I’ll add another two by right there to tie these corners together, and then we’ll put wood over this to make it look better from another panel. But that’s the beginning. We’re going to run out of daylight. We’ve got to move other panels. And I’ll show you what I do from there.

This is an update. We lost light last night. So he kept going. We’ve got all these. We brought that one over. And he brought these aren’t attached. But he brought them. He’s going to have to go pick up some more fencing. Because we’re missing one panel to complete it. So before we can do these houses, we’ll have to pick a more free fencing and then probably buy another hundred feet of wire.

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