Chicken Coop Build Ideas Adding Doors & Roof

Here’s day two of us building a new coop for @ChickensForChicks chicken village. We have videos of the after, but wanted to take everyone along with the build. You can follow along and build your own coop.

We got a set of three hinges at Walmart for around $7. And are adding the roofing to the coop. Still a way to go, but we’re getting closer.

00:00 Intro
00:12 To put your doors into the coop
00:30 Hinges from Walmart for $7
00:50 How and where to put the first hinge
02:15 You don’t want to be too far down with the bottom hinge
03:00 We have a third one, but you don’t want to put it over the 2by until you cut it with the saw
04:00 We don’t usually use 3, but why not
04:15 We go 5 over for the door
04:45 Want to cut under the 2by at the top
05:05 Cut above the 2by at the bottom of the door
05:30 Want to cut a gap because it will sag
06:05 Want to take 2 boards to secure the door and strengthen it
06:25 The movement of the door is why we are putting the two by
06:40 Putting the top board on the door
07:45 And one on the bottom
08:10 It was feaking COLD
08:55 Take a scrap piece of wood and make a door stop
09:40 If you don’t have a latch
10:10 What we did on the roof, wood across
10:40 Allows him to put the metal on the roof
11:00 Places you can pick the metal up
12:00 Using regular drywall screws, it won’t leak as much
12:30 Inside to attach the roof across
13:45 Goal is to keep as much weather off the chickens as we can
14:00 You could do it with plywood and shingles, but it’s a lot more weight & work
14:30 Ridge cap that we’re going to put in between the two coops
14:40 You don’t have to use ridge cap, we just had it
15:15 Talking about crazy AR weather
15:40 It’s really thick metal, 26 gauge
16:30 We have an agreement-he builds and does his thing and I fill in the gaps
17: 14 Follow us

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Now I put a door on this kind of a fence slash coop. What I do is I find a crack in between the door panels, and I usually do one, two, three, four, five over. And we got these hinges from Wal-Mart, get three hinges for $7.


So that will work. Now, I’m going to put that hinge, that round part right here on top is the top and this is the bottom. And you put that hinge right over the crack I’m going to cut up here, but not until I get through with these hinges. They actually give you screws, which I might replace with longer ones. When I put wood behind it. Two bys or something to make it little stronger.

Hmm. So anyway, I’m going to put one up here sitting right over.

“I think I’m breaking the screw gun, as you all can hear it, around I have possibly another egg. Either that or my chickens are having a coronary again.”

Now, I’m going to do the same thing with lower one again. That rivet on top. That’s your top. Don’t want to be down here. I want to be up a little bit in the house. You’re usually seven inches, but this is not a house, but maybe a house for chicken.

“Ya, I was going to say I don’t think my chickens care how many inches you’re off the ground.”

Well, I actually have a third one. You’re going to be one attempt to be tempted to put one right over that where that two by is. But I got to run the saw down there. So I’m going to take the saw and stick it right through there and cut that.

“That was in the Bronco”

Huh, that was in the Bronco. I’ll put it right over where we cut it. So do.

“Do you usually use three hinges?”

What? No.


It came with a set, so it’s all good. So. One, two, three, four, five.

I’m goingg to cut underneath this two by that runs here. I’m going to cut above the one right here. Now it will tend to sag because this is all old wood. So I’m going to give it a gap down here, then I have these two boards which I’m making these about 25 inches, I think, and I will put them on the back side. I probably will, should cut like so a little bit of a gap up here too. But I’ll see that movement. That’s why I’m putting that two by in there, to give it where it won’t hit. So now we got to get the box of screws, and we’ll come back to.

Okay, to. Be interfering right there. So I’m going to start a screw on this one. We’ll start one over here. I’m going to push them all tight. Helps you got somebody, but I can certainly do without somebody. All right. Normally, I do one on the bottom.

“He’s already cut it. I was going to say need me to go in there?”


I’ve been working in this all day and you’re shivering.

“I know I’m freezing, I’m behind off and the temperatures are dropping rapidly. There is not that much behind to freeze off.”

I’m starting to screw over here. Pull it over tight, screw them all down. Just take a scrap piece of wood left over from the job, or from a construction site, which you can pick up and I want to have this where it won’t stick out too much, but we’ll catch this. From going too far in. Let’s see if that catches it.

Now, all we got this little latch right here. But if you got to your a budget put a screw here and then a screw right here and then wrap a wire.

“Yeah. So my outside doors are still like that.”

So here’s your door. And what we did on the roof was I fastened the five fourths board from a deck that somebody would tore down and I went across. And they’re pretty strong. If I thought I was going to climb on them, I’d put some underneath it to keep it from caving in. But I’m not going to be climbing on it.

But I screwed it to the fence here with three screws in every one of them I went across. That allows me to put metal on over here and.


You can pick this metal up on Craigslist, and Facebook there’ll be somebody had a project that they had extra or they already took it off and it already has holes. I’m going to try to keep it like so, maybe pull back a little bit and you I’m not putting the expensive screws. I have them, but I’m trying to show you guys that they can be done this way and it won’t leak as much as if you use nails or but the screws will keep high winds from.

And you can also seal that with caulking to save a little bit of money. But I have the screws that are roofing screws. It’s not as available as just regular drywall screws. I’m going to go inside, climb on the ladder…

“Ew, careful.”

That mole is working.

“Yeah. It’s… I wish the chickens would get it. It’s been going in the baby’s coop. I bet it cause the adults would eat it.”

It’s getting all the bugs that it can.

“Well in the big uns would eat it. I’m cutting your head off.”

Then I’m going to put another one here and maybe a piece over here and you can do it with regular corrugated ribbed tin old rusty pieces. But we’re trying to keep as much weather off of the chickens as we can. And snow, give them a cozy place to get out of the sun and out of the weather. You can do it with plywood and shingles if you wish it’s a lot more weight, a lot more work and probably more money and not as durable because a low roof will with shingles ends up leaking.

So your plywood will rot away and it’s not a good unless you have a peek pretty good slope shingles don’t work very well, but metal can hold water on it and do pretty good. So that’s how you do the roof. I’ll show you show them that piece of ridge cap that we’re going to put on top of that.

“Oh, okay. I’ll walk over there. There’s a piece of ridge cap. Okay.”

But you don’t have to use that. You can take a couple of like this piece, this piece and this piece cut down the side and bend it at the middle right here, right over that same area, and then screw it down. And that will act as your ridge cap. That’s what a lot of old timers did to make it save a little bit of money.

Here we go. Trying to fix another coop before the bad weather comes. We’re going get it cold for us, but maybe not for Canada.

“We’re not in Canada.”


“We’re in Arkansas, right? Triple digits in the summer and negative in the winter, crazy.”

Don’t get six inches of snow.

“Is the battery dead or did I screw the tip up?”

No, this is a heavy gauge, 26 gauge.

“Oh, okay. So it’s super heavy gauge metal.”

Very heavy. Um, people request it. Thinking that it’s the best. So, it’s hard for the screw that’s made for drywall to go through. So, I’m slamming the tips so it don’t wander all over the place setting a screw through that hole that I’m slamming caveman style. So if you asked me to take a file out of computer, I might just beat the computer up with a hammer trying to find a file. It’s not really.

“He still don’t mess with the computer. That’s okay. I don’t build so.”

I do what other people can’t do.


If I can find somebody to do the computer stuff and I’ll do the other stuff. So there we go.

“All right.”

Now I got put another piece on and then yet another one. Then I’ll put the ridge cap on. We’re running out of daylight. See you next time.

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