Chicken Coop Build False Fronts

Here we’ve dressed up the coops, and put false fronts on them. We go through how you can do that too. Sorry about the guinea, I am transcribing everything.

00:00 Intro
00:12 We decided to make a frontier western town
00:32 The shorter area is 2′, we can get 3 per board
00:45 Because it will be covered by another board later
01:00 Mid-panels are 3′, so 2 per board
01:25 Next the trim for false fronts
01:40 What we use the extra 1 1/2″ strips for
01:54 When the panels got together how to fill the holes
02:20 No animals getting in or out
02:35 Why the guineas are inside
02:55 We’ll show you what’s next
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Instead of just having a regular coop, that’s just kind of a slope shaped. Christina and I kind of worked out an idea of a working toward a Western town look, so what… This guinea will not shut up. So this area here is two foot and then six foot panels. I can get three of two foot at a time. And I put the bad area down here because I’m going to put another strip of wood here.

I don’t really care? But she asked me about this one, how come this one is shorter? Because the board was cut off but I’m going to put a three and a half inch piece of wood across here, which again, I’ll cut it from the scrap wood. Now, this is two foot. This is three foot. So it’s a foot higher. You get out of a six foot panel, you get two three footers, not three, two footers, two, three footers.

So we’ve got over that three foot. We fastened it with screws to there after I popped the line of this way, with that line where I’m going to lap and we’re going to next put all the trim around it on the top, and then we’ll take the excess from that when we cut it down. These are five and a half inches or cut it down to 3, and we’ll end up with an inch and a half strip and then we’ll end up doing something like this.

We’ll paint it and you’ll get to see that too. So you can do it, if you choose to do it. See ya.

Also, whenever these panels go together, there’s usually one missing or there’s a gap in between. So I took one of the panels totally apart, pulled all the nails out, and have these panels left over, and then I put them in the areas that they need filled in.

For now, there’s no animals getting in and no animals getting out, particularly animals getting in because everybody likes chicken, dogs, cats, possums, coons, hawks.

“Foxes, eagles.”

Yeah, everybody likes chickens. So we’re at this point, we have two guineas in here because they were kind of roughing up the little baby chickens. And we’re going to eventually have their own little place somewhere else. But this was just a place, temporary for them. We’re going to show you the next step as we go along. So now we’re going to put the trim around it. We built the basic structure, two foot panels and three foot panels.

“From those.”

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