Advice on Buying A Calking Gun

Showing the difference between 2 guns.

I want to help you with purchasing a caulking gun, a very simple tool, but certainly can make a difference. You can spend as little money as you want to on a caulking gun which would be, this would be an example of that. It’s a friction gun. And this is a friction gun also. But if you notice the difference here, this will release pressure, instead of leaving the pressure on.

And it costs more because of also, this one has a pen here that is built in to puncture the tube. So you won’t have to go and find a nail or something to puncture that seal. Thirdly, it has a hole in the side here to put your tube in and then cut it. So the difference would be sort of like riding a bicycle to work and ridding a car to work. Just a little bit of money will get you a better situation and more work for the money.

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