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Discussions always come up about the advantages of metal to shingles. Hopefully you know the difference, but let’s look at this shingle roof.

Lots and lots of individual components the three tab has three tabs, there’s multiple say hundreds and thousands of the pieces individual pieces. Each one has at least three nails and each one of those is a possible leak if it ever gets windy and blows up one of these, and they do. They last ten to fifteen years and then you have warranties based on like a battery.

However, much length of time you’ve already had them installed is all you’re gonna get on your warranty if the business is still in business, and then you don’t get paid for the labor.

Now one thing I’d like to point out is that now metal roofing is considered energy saving, and guess why, because it’s actually cooler and longer-lasting. We talked about that before.

Now I’m going to show you how much cooler with this temp gun, this one’s a pretty fancy one but not as fancy as some, and certainly better than a lot of cheap ones you’ll see.

It’s a 142-143 on the shingles. Now, I’m gonna move over to the metal 134-132, so we’re looking at at least 10 degree difference and as it gets hotter it can be 15 to 20 degree difference.

We’re looking at now with ultraviolet rays being an issue and you should be keeping up with that even by be 85 degrees with the ultraviolet as a possible 9 out of a possible 11 or 10 or out of 11 and you’re looking at huge differences. 20-30 degree difference between shingles and metal, and then if you consider that this metal is a dark brown where it could be a white you’re talking about even more difference in temperatures.

Again this is called Energy Star rated so you can actually get a tax deduction for using Energy Star energy-saving devices like a metal roof.

So please consider that when it comes to doing a new roof when we’re talking about the nail penetrations there’s at least three nails per three stab shingle.

So you’re talking about in this area here and this area here probably 60 or 70 nails through the roof whereas metal we only have 16 nails in the same area. So you’re talking about reducing the amount of penetrations that are going through your roof on top of the fact that nails pull out.

Screws hold it down and they don’t pull out near as easy it’s so I want to leave with you that in high wind high whether you’re always more and have a better advantage which in this particular metal here has a 40 year guarantee on the color and then you if you ever seen a metal roof on an old mill barn or something that might be 75-100 years old so you’re gonna be way ahead having metal roofing over singles.

Thank you.

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